Press Release: Game City Extension

Already the largest mall in Botswana by far, Turnstar is now aiming to position Game City as the leading retail space in the country. This investment is set to change the playing field completely in terms of the retail shopping experience. There will be a huge new variety of retailers and food outlets.

Currently, Game City is not a night-time destination. Turnstar intends changing this with a new offering
that will create a vibrant and lively vibe for the whole family. The mall should be complete and ready for Easter 2016 trading. The question everyone is asking is, is this the right time to make such an investment? Bearing in mind
the currently sluggish state of the economy. “I believe this is exactly the right time to do this. Turnstar must endeavour to be the best in the best of times, and also the best when times are not the best.

Our shareholders must have confidence that Turnstar will always perform to its optimal potential under any conditions,” said Abdoola.

Turnstar is looking to increase their revenue by 25% in the next 24 months.

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