Gamecity Expansion and Maintenance Update

gamecity construction site

The planned phase 4 development and facelift to the existing premises at Game City, is well in progress. The work in progress will remodernise the existing common areas, toilets, entrances and shop fronts of the centre. An additional 9,000 sq.m exhibition hall comprising of restaurants, a food court, multi-function entertainment area, exhibition hall and playground is being constructed on the upper level with a view of the Kgale Hill. Th e new area on the ground floor will comprise of a high fashion avenue, and both levels will be connected to a 3 level secure parkade which can be accessed by a scenic lift and stairs. An additional scenic lift , escalator and stairs are planned by the court to allow easy access to the upper level from ground level.

The Company’s residential estates in Tapologo and Mogoditshane have recently undergone major internal and external refurbishment. The work also included refurbishment of the internals of units, as and when they fell vacant. The internal refurbishment works will continue into the year 2016.