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Turnstar strives to maintain a high standard of Corporate Governance and is committed to the principles of transparency, accountability and integrity. The Board of Directors continually endeavour to ensure that the company policies on corporate governance meet best practice. The Board has adopted charters for itself, in respect of the Audit Committee and Asset Management Committee by adopting the Botswana Stock Exchange Code of Best Practice on corporate governance. The controls encompass responsibilities in compliance with principles of good governance, accountability, arms’ length dealings and the applicable law.
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The Board of Directors during the year under review comprised of nine Directors, who are independent, non – executive Directors, with the exception of the Managing Director. The Chairman of the Board is a non- executive Director. The Board of Directors together bring a wealth of expertise and experience from their varied fields of operation and ensure that debates on matters of strategy, policy, business development and performance are robust, informed and constructive. The Board meets at least four times a year and is responsible for, inter alia, reviewing and guiding corporate strategy, acquisitions and performance. All non- executive Directors are subject to retirement by rotation and re-election by shareholders periodically, in accordance with the constitution of the company.
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