Reaching Global Heights

Turnstar Holdings Limited is an ambitious organization that has set its sights on competing on a global scale. With a firm commitment to growth and exploration, Turnstar Holdings actively seeks opportunities beyond the borders of Botswana. This strategic approach allows the company to expand its footprint and tap into new markets.


One of the proud achievements of Turnstar Holdings is the ownership of Mlimani City in Tanzania. Mlimani City is a premium shopping center situated in the heart of Dar es Salaam. With its central location, this shopping center attracts a diverse range of shoppers seeking high-quality retail experiences. Moreover, Mlimani City boasts a state-of-the-art conference center, catering to the growing demand for world-class event venues in the region. Additionally, the provision of basement parking, capable of accommodating over 300 vehicles at a time, ensures convenient access for shoppers and visitors.

However, Turnstar Holdings Limited’ growth extends beyond the African continent. The company has successfully diversified its portfolio by venturing into international markets. Notably, Turnstar Holdings has acquired a 4-story commercial building in Dubai, marking its expansion into the global arena. This move demonstrates the organization’s determination to explore opportunities and capitalize on emerging markets beyond Africa.

Turnstar Holdings remains steadfast in its commitment to provide value to its unit holders. The company diligently seeks out and invests in high-quality properties that align with its vision and strategic objectives. By focusing on quality, Turnstar Holdings ensures that its investments generate sustainable returns for its unit holders while maintaining the organization’s reputation for excellence.

In conclusion, Turnstar Holdings Limited is an organization with a global mindset, continuously striving to expand its presence beyond the borders of Botswana. Through the ownership of premium properties such as Mlimani City in Tanzania and a commercial building in Dubai, Turnstar Holdings has successfully diversified its portfolio. By investing in quality properties and embracing new opportunities, Turnstar Holdings aims to create long-term value for its unit holders while competing at a global level.